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Technology Express is your government and education technology provider. We are here to help government and educational agencies in the procurement of the latest technology.



Having over 40 years of experience in the technology industry, SOS Computers / Technology Express offers a wide range of cutting edge, technology solutions.  From robust Security options, Networking Solutions, Collaborative Educational products, to Audio/Video designs and installations for many Government and new Construction projects.  

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Technology Express is a leading national education technology provider for national academic Institutions. Our dedicated education technology team has a reputation for providing the latest education technology using cutting edge strategies and the zeal to deliver comprehensive solutions to our clients.

We provide all our clients with turnkey managed and unmanaged networks and communication solutions that help them work closely with their staff, the curriculum, students, and their families, including private educators or students who wish to improve their academic experience. 

Our successes come from the development of SOS computer designs for educational school systems, helping them develop a solid foundation for technology use in their classrooms. We also provide, install, and implement large or small LAN and WAN networks, interactive classrooms, and distance learning solutions that e transform our clients’ overall teaching/learning experience. Above all, we are driven by our desire to provide the best service and solutions to our customers every day.


Technology Express has been a leader in delivering technological software solutions related to IT networking and communications solutions, robotic applications, and video conferencing to governments worldwide.  Through our platform, government agencies and organizations can acquire smart-tech-enabled programs to deliver proper intelligent administration through technology solutions.

The Technology solution we provide for government organizations automate services that improve the effectiveness of government processes. Citizens can engage with their government representatives, and the public servant can ensure their government’s total transparency.  Our Government Technology team meets client requirements at the core of everything they do and seek expert advice.

The solutions we provide can be used from the get-go and support the exclusive requirements for each government integration with other operating systems. Moving on, Technology Express continues to achieve new heights and have successfully leveraged solution dedicated to government processes.


Technology Express has provided outstanding IT services to businesses for 23+ years. Technology Express delivers services tailored to meet your business’s specific needs with the significant experience gathered over the years. No matter the industry you operate in or the type of services you offer, Technology Express provides a wide range of turnkey managed and unmanaged networks that keeps you in connection with your partners and clients.

Our vast knowledge of the installation of large or small LAN and WAN networks, VoIP systems, Robotic applications, and video conferencing sets us apart from most other IT providing companies. Not only are we able to provide outstanding IT support, but we’re also able to install and set up SOS Computer designs that help businesses implement objectives.

Enhance your business organization with our support services. Be it a short term project or you’re in need of a long-term IT trusted partner, then give Technology Express a shot. We’re going to help you enhance your business technology processes’ intimate details while offering expert advice on your day-to-day technological challenges.


Technology Express is a leading provider of technology solutions to education and government agencies. We are a firm built of a tradition of “honesty and Integrity” to our clients at all times. You would not find us lacking when it comes to being honest about our services and installation time. We value our integrity that’s why we are built on strong moral principles that have enabled us get to where we are today. Our focus on the after sale service has enabled us maintain win-win relationships with our customers and vendors worldwide.

Customer First

As part of our professional training, we have educated our staff on the importance of putting our customers and their service first as this is the primary reason why we’re in business. We ensure that there’s always someone to attend to your queries because our clients’ satisfaction and the recommendation they offer drive us to want to do better with our services.


Timely Service

We have also ensured that prompt delivery is instilled into our staff’s hearts and minds, so when your task is dedicated to them, you have that assurance that you would receive your solutions on time.


The Extra Mile

We know and understand what going the extra mile for most of you mean and the satisfaction and happiness you express when someone is will to go that extra to please you. That’s why we’ve made it our duty to put in our best up to the last extra effort in ensuring we render premium quality services to meet the client’s objectives.

Our Values Are Our Actions

As a leading education and government technology solutions provider, Technology Express has an objective of providing the best and highest quality products and services to our clients. To fulfill our objective, we provide turnkey managed and unmanaged network and communications solution. To public and private schools as well as government agencies and businesses.

Our aim of becoming the best technology provider in the county, has pushed us to offer state-of-the-art solutions that project our excellent services and keep us in pole position to remain the best and your go to brand to handle computer installations, LAN and WAN networks, interactive classrooms, VoIP, and Robotic applications.

Our practice based model drives core competencies across a series of disciplines that delivers operational efficiency to the IT infrastructure of our clients and helps them position their business to excel today and in the future.

With experience integrating current and future technologies into a powerful set of managed services and IT solutions, Technology Express consistently delivers cost-effective results at a high level of quality of service.

See The Difference

Our vast knowledge of different IT Solutions makes the difference between us and our competitors. Not only are we able to provide our clients with outstanding hardware support, but our experience with installing and setting up a variety of different software sets us apart and enables us become a leader in our industry. Why not give us a trial today and experience our lush services.

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